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Post Event Report


The 8th ASEAN ANSYS Conference organized by CAD-IT Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd and co-hosted by Nanyang Technological University (NTU), supported by partners including ANSYS, Microsoft, HP, Intel and CEI saw more than 200 participants and presenters come together from different countries and industries around South East Asia.  


The conference commenced with an opening address from our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Terence Chan with his speech ‘Smart Engineering For A Smart Economy’ with insights on how through smart engineering, companies are transformed, along with the economy. He also exhorted companies not to be content with being ‘good’ as it is the enemy of being the  ‘best’ they can be.


Mr. Terence Chan giving the Opening Address.

The VIPs having a discussion in the lounge.

(L-R) Ms. Florence Tan, Mr. Yves Dehouck, Mr. Sam Tan, Mr. Terence Chan


It was a great honor to have Mr. Sam Tan Chin Siong, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and for the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) as our Guest of Honour.  Mr Tan inspired many in the audience by his speech ‘Driving Innovation For A Sustainable Future’ where he emphasized the importance of smart engineering in driving innovation, the many government- driven initiatives and funding schemes and the impact they have on Singapore’s goal to achieve  global significance and a sustainable future for our people and companies.


Mr. Sam Tan delivering the Guest of Honour Address.

Mr. Terence Chan presenting a gift of appreciation to Mr. Sam Tan.

(L-R) Ms. Florence Tan, Mr. Sam Tan, Mr. Terence Chan


We were privileged to have Prof. Soh Yeng Chai, Associate Dean from the Division of Control & Instrumentation/School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of Nanyang Technological University grace and support the event.  


Mr. Yves Dehouck the Regional Sales Director, Dr. Steve Pytel, Product Manager, Dr. David Street, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Asia,  Mr. Malcolm Cowler, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff,  ANSYS, Inc. enlightened the audience with updates on ANSYS Corporate Overview, product and technology direction, up and coming ANSYS Release 13.0.


Mr. Sam Tan presenting a gift of appreciation to Prof. Soh Yeng Chai.


Mr. Yves Dehouck addressed the crowd on the ANSYS Corporate Overview.


Dr. Steve Pytel informed the audience of the newest product updates.


Dr. David Street shared his experience in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Mr. Malcolm Cowler detailing how ANSYS AUTODYN is used in Homeland Security.

Mr. Aric Meyer showcasing the power of EnSight in post-processing.


Real world examples of how ANSYS is being used worldwide to solve a multitude of engineering challenges that are mult-physics in nature, ranging from achieving higher quality, more innovative and greener products, ensuring environmental sustainability to reinforcing Homeland Security were shared. 


The key behind ANSYS' success - their  5 guiding principles used to guide the development of their products and technology - unequalled depth, unparalleled breadth, comprehensive multiphysics, engineered scalability, and adaptive architecture - are highlighted. Undoubtedly, CAD-IT and our customers are proud to be part of the ANSYS family, using products developed by a company with solid track record and an undisputed leadership in CAE & Multi-physics simulation in the world for over 3 decades since its inception in 1970. 


The youngest group of presenters, Team Schaeffler Hypersonic from Henderson Secondary School, charmed the audience not only with their smart F1 outfits but also their passion towards incorporating ANSYS CFD to design the fastest and most aerodynamic car. Despite their tender years, they demonstrated commendable adroitness in utilising simulation for their F1 in Schools competition, from which they emerged in the top 20 amongst international teams. The audience was clearly impressed by the students' enthusiasm and passion in engineering.


Team Schaeffler Hypersonic showing how ANSYS CFD can be used in F1.

Team Schaeffler Hypersonic  receiving a token of appreciation.

Team Schaeffler Hypersonic showing their strong support for ANSYS.


Mr. Jerald Cheong, HPC Technical Sepcialist from Microsoft, was present to launch their Windows HPC Server 2008 R2.  This along with latest HPC offerings from Hewlett-Packard, shared by Chris Tan, Partner Business Manager, and the presentation by Mr Wong Foo Lam, Senior HPC Application Engineer from NTU HPC Center, highlighting the power and scalability of HPC solutions from ANSYS generated a lot of interest among the users.


Mr. Wong Foo Lam from NTU HPC Center focused on scalability of finite element applications.

Mr. Chris Tan explained the capabilities of the newest HP workstations.

Mr. Jerald Cheong highlighted the benefits of Windows HPC Server 2008 R2.


All in all, there were about 75 presenters from diversified industries such as Electronics, Renewable Energy, Marine & Offshore, Automotive and Defense and from around the world.


Dr. Lee Teck Kheng elaborating on design and manufacturing sustainability.

Prof. Liu Gui Rong sharing his expertise in Finite Element Analysis.

Mr. Nur Ikhwan explaining how cavitation simulation is done.


The plethora of ANSYS brochures and demonstrations on display at the CAD-IT highlighted the tremendous depth and breadth of engineering simulation solutions that are proven and embraced by the largest engineering simulation community across the largest number of industry sectors in the world today.


Delegates studying the animations on display.

Delegates were intrigued by the exhibitions at the sponsors' booths.

The numerous posters on display piqued delegates' interest.



Delegates had plenty of networking opportunities.

CAD-IT staff attending to the queries of delegates.

Presenters and delegates exchanging pointers during lunch.


CAD-IT is grateful to all our customers, partners and delegates for their presence and participation. From the feedback received, almost all who attended the conference benefitted from the excellent time of networking, learning, sharing and keeping abreast of the latest trends in the engineering arena.


 It was an invigorating to hear many share their visions for smart simulation, their experience in deploying ANSYS, the challenges they faced and the benefits they have gained for their organizations. 


We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to one and all for making this event possible. We look forward to organizing more events in the near future and look forward to building a better world and a sustainable future together with you.


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"This conference is inspiring and a great platform for experts' interaction."

- Mr. Chen Hao Yang,  Nepes Pte Ltd


"The team is honoured to have attended the conference and shared with the guests on how we have used ANSYS CFD for the testing of the car. It also gave us a good chance for our students to demonstrate their presentation skills to a professional audience."

- Mr. Kenneth Tan,  Henderson Secondary School


"This is a good avenue for me to explore more on simulation processing concerning my research"

- Engr. Rodrigo C. Munoz, Jr.,  Baatan Peninsula State University


"Rich information in ANSYS new developments and applications."

- Dr. Mou Jianqiang,  Data Storage Institute


"Event is well-organised. Very informative sharing session from each speaker."

- Ms. Nufarena Othman,  Infineon Technologies (M)


"The conference has enabled me to learn about ANSYS usage for various industries and to explore new modules of ANSYS which were not thought of."

- Mr. Robert Foo,  DSO National Laboratories


"Presenters from different sectors have demonstrated how the software helped in simulation & optimization needs for their products."

- Mr. Johann Fruylan Infante,  Malaysian Marine & Heavy Engineering


"This conference really provides me a better insight into the high performance computing (HPC), ANSYS HPC solutions and networking opportunity with HPC providers."

- Mr. Anne Phanikumar,  Sulzer Chemtech


"A great meeting with many applications of ANSYS product."

- Mr. Rifky Ismail,  Diponegoro University


"The use of theory, simulation and actual experiments in real-world examples is commendable."

- Mr. Henry Wang,  Olympus


"Thank you very much for the AUTODYN course and the ANSYS conference. I am looking forward to the next AUTODYN course."

- Mr. Ahmad Humaizi Bin Hilmi,  UPNM


"The presentations allowed me to understand how ANSYS is involved in other aspects."

- Mr. Ong Xiang Zheng,  Henderson Secondary School


"The staff have unparallelled coordination, kindness and professionalism."

- Dr. John Ryan C. Dizon,  Baatan Peninsula State University


"Thank you very much for your efforts in organizing this great conference."

- Prof. Liu Gui Rong,  National University of Singapore


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Co-hosted by Nanyang Technological University (NTU)


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