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With the industrial revolution, current population boom and increase in commoditisation of commercial goods, the human race is consuming Earth's resources faster than they can be renewed. Concerns that future generations of humans will not be able to enjoy the resources that we currently have access to, is leading organisations and peoples across the world to seek a balance in society's demands against nature's capacity to regenerate its resources.

Traditional scientific and engineering methods are not sufficient to deal with the interplay and interconnectivity of energy requirements, environmental impact and socio-economic development. For organisations involved in developing eco-friendly products using sustainable resources at profitable margins, utilising engineering simulation tools throughout the development process is now a smart thing to do.

2010 marks the eight installment of the ASEAN-level regional ANSYS users conference. Come join us to learn how leading organisations are performing smart engineering using simulation tools to drive innovation, avoid potential product issues early in the design process and build a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

As such, the theme for the 8th ASEAN ANSYS Conference is Smart Engineering for A Sustainable Future. This eagerly anticipated engineering simulation event of the year will be held on 12th and 13th October at Nanyang Excutive Centre, in the heart of the vibrant NTU Singapore campus.

At this regional conference innovation workers from all levels such as designers, engineers, analysts, researchers and managers will discover:

How ANSYS solutions enable customers to implement Simulation Driven Product Development in their organisations

How innovative companies are using simulation to inspire their engineering designs resulting in improved products and processes

New ideas and experiential insight from ANSYS team members and industry experts to spark innovation activities

How insight into product behaviour and manufacturing process optimisation can lead to efficient and sustainable use of raw materials

The unique ways in which customers are using solutions from ANSYS to solve challenging problems

The myriad of software and hardware solutions from ANSYS partners that can improve the quality and quantity of their organisations' engineering operations


Key Highlights

Guest of Honour Address – Mr. Sam Tan Chin Siong, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), will speak about Driving Innovation For A Sustainable Future.


Learn how ANSYS Fluid Dynamics solutions empower sustainability through the insights of Dr. David Street, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Asia, from ANSYS, Inc.


Realize the power of ANSYS Explicit Dynamics solutions with special talks from Mr. Malcolm Cowler, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff from ANSYS, Inc.


ANSYS Corporate Overview by Mr. Yves Dehouck, Regional Sales Director from ANSYS, Inc., featuring ANSYS’ Vision and Corporate directions.


ANSYS Technological Updates by Dr. Steve Pytel, Signal Integrity Product Manager from ANSYS, Inc., detailing the latest Version 13.0 offering unparalleled usability, modularity and extensibility in an Integrated Product Development Environment.


Management Presentations & Paper Contributions – a total of 75 presentations by industry leaders and successful customers in Southeast Asia from diverse disciplines including Electronics, Energy, Marine & Offshore, Defense, HVAC, Education and Research, with speakers from Vestas Technology R&D, Advanced Micro Devices, SIMTech and many more.


Exhibition and Lucky Draw – showcasing HPC (High Performance Computing) Solutions and latest product offerings from Microsoft, HP, Intel, and more, as well as opportunities to win exciting prizes!


FREE ANSYS Release 13.0 Update Workshop worth USD500


For registration, sponsorship or other enquiries, please contact Mr. Chiang Hong Keat at DID: (65) 6508-7570 or email: [email protected].


Co-hosted by Nanyang Technological University (NTU)


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CAD-IT Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd

159 Sin Ming Road, #03-05 Amtech Building, Singapore 575625